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AMitíe Consulting is a progressive firm with expertise in public and investor relations, marketing, communications, social media and business management for individuals and small to medium-sized businesses. 

Image - presence - substance - value are core principles of any successful campaign.  We provide balanced solutions while striving to furnish the best in customer service, inspired programs, expert training and products to meet business and individual needs.

AMitíe Consulting is the brainchild of Dr. Ann-Michelle Thurmond Powell.  A Los Angeles native and self-ascribed Global Adventurer.  From cash box to corporate boardrooms, Ann-Michelle has managed investment portfolios of the super-wealthy and institutional clients for over twenty years.  Balance being an inherent quality, she found her niche in both quantitative and qualitative analysis, research, technical writing, art, music and design.  “Wholistic presentation is key.” says Ann-Michelle.  “It’s not just about pulling the data and facts together; it’s knowing your audience, uncovering what they value and conveying that information in a credible, understandable and effective manner.”

Having a quality product, service or great location is one thing. However, in today’s economic environment, identifying your customers and presenting your product in an appealing, convenient and accessible way is not always cut and dry.  Nuances in the market are often overlooked and can be utilized to a businesses’ advantage.  Our goal is to help bring customers to your door, decrease expenses and help you look better than your competitors.

As a service-focused person and through her commitment to community and advocacy, she has a great interest in the overall health and well being of those in her inner circle and the individuals she mentors and counsels.  Understanding the direct correlation between personal health and professional success, she has created several wellness and coaching workshops which integrate essential aspects of everyday life to include health, wealth management, relationships and livelihood from a balanced and practical perspective.

There are often many solutions to a single challenge.  Our commitment to our clients is to partner to find the right solution for abundant success!